Magic Suite™ Software

Magic Suite™ is the most flexible and useful array of software tools available in interconnect substrate testing. Interfacing with virtually all test systems, Magic Suite™ is a powerful software designed to integrate the CAM process to the test data process by automating fixture generation, tester netlist and repair file generation into one user-friendly platform. A product of Everett Charles Technologies, Magic Suite™ is a versatile Windows® NT software program designed to speed up performance and accuracy.

Magic Suite™ is comprised of modules that may be utilized individually or as a package. Individually, they are designed to integrate with other systems, from CAM through repair. Collectively, Magic Suite™ offers a complete solution for test. Each module can clearly be defined as a "Best in Class" product.

Magic Suite™ links remarkable automation features in netlist generation, fixturing and repair designed to increase throughput and insure consistent output. From front-end, Gerber netlist extraction and net compare are processed using Magic Suite™ EXT the industry standard for Gerber netlist extraction. Fixture generation options include Magic Suite™ ValuGrid® for current generation atg and ECT capital equipment, and Magic Suite™ Universal for all other capital equipment. Both of these modules support IPC-D-356A netlist format and many other standard netlist formats.

Magic Suite™ REPAIRnet® is our repair and analysis product that integrates perfectly into the Magic Suite™ family. Many different input formats, fault file formats, fault risk analysis, barcode support and tester configuration are supported.

Magic Suite™ Interface

The new Magic Suite™ shell is designed for full automation. Magic Suite's™ primary purpose is to provide the user with tools to manage test data and automate the fixturing process. Job processing includes netlist conversion, fixture processing, drill output, data distribution, data archive, and fixture labeling. Other features include access to all input/output converters, access to tools and other special functions. Online Help and other information including current release notes, ECT company information, and problem-reporting forms are provided.

There is a powerful new user interface for the Magic Suite™ ValuGrid® and Universal fixturing applications, which combines the best of ValuGrid® and Universal for common functionality and reduced training. There are many common toolbar and edit toolbar functions, which offer the user quick access to the most commonly used commands and features. The user interface is easy to learn and provides for high throughput. Magic Suite™ is designed to be the beginning and ending process of every job.

Magic Suite™ ValuGrid®

ValuGrid® fixturing software is an ultra high technology fixturing software package designed to output files for advanced ValuGrid® fixtures. It seamlessly interfaces between extraction data and test, creating drill files, test programs and repair files. ValuGrid® is extremely automated and utilizes an auto-process wizard when loading a new job. The auto-process wizard leads the user through a series of prompts to generate fixture fabrication files, Computer Aided Repair (CAR) files, and 9090X or atg test programs.

  • Provides state-of-the-art support for ECT and atg single and double density fixtures.
  • Reads IPC-D-356, IPC-D-356A (recommended input file), or Lavenir F04 files as input data sources. Output formats consist of Excellon, Pluritec, Uniline, or Sieb Meyer drill data, and various repair file formats including Oz, CAF, EPC, RAID, and IPC-D-356A.
  • Advanced support for Piezo alignment, EXAline automation, and ECT's Snap2™ technology.
  • Automation insures fixtures are identical every time for every operator.
  • Automatic DRC "Design Rule Check" insures complete and proper design.
  • Incorporates automatic X, Y, and Z force balancing for improved pointing accuracy and fixture stability.
  • Most advanced pin placement algorithm in the industry.
  • Highest pin deflection possible in either single or double density grids. Pin deflection to 1.4" for single density grids and 1.2" for double density.
  • SplitNet is available for two pass fixtures when extended pin tilt is not enough.
  • Complete online Help is available.
  • Same powerful user interface as Magic Suite™ Universal.
  • Buried Resistor option available.


Magic Suite™ Universal

Universal fixturing software requires minimal operator intervention, and supports almost all test platforms and test scenarios on the market. It has been continuously upgraded to keep pace with the latest tester developments. Among the test platforms supported are PDI, atg, TTI Trace, Circuitline, ECT, Mania, Sink, Kyoei, Fastek, and Luther & Maelzer. Combinational test with flying probe testers is possible. atg, BSL, Probot and MicroCraft. Universal delivers a combination of automation and control to the creation of fixture data. The intuitive Magic Suite™ user interface combined with a powerful set of software tools and utilities, allows the test engineer to design for the most advanced test applications. Most jobs are processed with a single mouse click, the software orients data, assigns probes, staggers, solves to grid, and completes DRC to insure highest degree of quality.

  • Supports Universal grids, wired fixtures for dedicated or clamshell, flying probe test and automatic larger-than-grid processing.
  • Default inputs include IPC-D-356A, IPC-D-356, ATFH, and NC drill data.
  • Outputs include drill files, drill reports, tester netlist, repair files and IPC-D-356A.
  • Large array of predefined fixture styles and user-defined fixture tables for precise customer-specific designs.
  • Auto process includes netlist input, pin selection, pin staggering, pin to grid assignment, fixture hardware, DRC and drill output
  • Most advanced pin placement algorithm, including 3 dimensional error checking and drill spacing checks.
  • Advanced options support combined Grid/Prober test, SplitNet and Oversize processing.
  • Data distribution, data archive and fixture label generation.
  • Same powerful user interface as Magic Suite™ ValuGrid®.
  • Buried Resistor option available.


Magic Suite™ REPAIRnet®

REPAIRnet® is a powerful repair and graphical analysis tool designed to help operators locate test-reported faults, identifying probable risk areas quickly and accurately. This low cost repair solution offers a simple and intuitive user interface, resulting in rapid training and increased throughput and accuracy in the repair process.

  • Supports universal grids, dedicated testers and flying probes.
  • Supports manual fault entries, Bar-code entry or tester fault file entry.
  • Writes repair and analysis results to database. · Inputs accepted - CAF, VGD, EPC, TTU, and IPC-D-356A.
  • Dual view combines Locator window and zoomed fault display.
  • Individual layer display for signal or plane layers.
  • Accurate risk analysis quickly displays probable short circuit location.
  • Full data orientation and user defined datum provide multi-tester support.
  • QuickKill for defects that cannot be repaired.
  • Operator tutorial available (on CDROM), and online Help.


Netlist Extraction

EXT is a specialized Gerber Netlist Extraction package that has become the standard for netlist preparation throughout the industry. EXT accepts all common forms of data input including RS274X, DPF, ODB++ (as an option), drill and an extensive list of aperture formats. Netlist outputs include a compliant IPC-D-356A file for use in Magic Suite™ and all the common flying probe input formats. EXT also features a netlist compare capability and advanced test point elimination process.

  • Automatic aperture recognition.
  • Automatic split plane recognition.
  • Automatic drawn pad to flash conversion. · Adjacency calculation.
  • Soldermask elimination.
  • Supports blind and buried vias.
  • Supports multiple merge layers.
  • Endpoint optimization, conventional and "End of Copper".
  • Annular ring verification.
  • Buried Resistor option available.


Buried Resistor Option

An industry leading buried resistor option is available for Magic Suite™. EXT will process Gerber Netlist Extractions, including buried resistors, in two modes. Resistor values may be processed based on specific user-defined values, or they may be calculated based on the sheet resistance and the dimensions of the resistor. In either case, the user enters the desired tolerance. Resistor netlist output from EXT is the IPC-D-356A format. Both Magic Suite™ Universal and ValuGrid® read this input and process data through to tester-ready output with minimum user intervention. Magic Suite™ includes a Thevenins Equivalent Resistance module for calculating the net to net resistance values for resistor networks, a unique offering in the industry.

  • Supported inputs include IPC-D-356A and the ECT .RES format.
  • Tester types that support buried resistor test include ECT, atg, BSL, and TTI.
  • Additional list, reporting and integrated UI features are supported for state-of-the-art buried resistor support.


CADtest® CAD Converters

CADtest software is a collection of CAD design converters for Magic Suite™. These converters support popular CAD formats for use in netlist and test, including Mentor Neutral file, PADS 2000, Valid Allegro, SciCards inputs, and IPC-D-356 outputs. These converters are available as a group, or as individual tools..