Flying Probes
The system is a flying probe test cell that includes an Eliminator electro-mechanical scanner. This scanner reduces the test load on a flying probe tester. Ohms law based dc measurements for continuity and isolation are made via mechanical contact between and within each circuit on the UUT. This document describes the Eliminator electro-mechanical scanner only. It does not describe the functions of a flying probe tester, as this is understood by individuals schooled in the art of electrical bare board test.
Eclipse™ has a new overall futuristic design as well as accuracy specifications that move it beyond other's capabilities and yield positional resolutions for faster test speeds and higher performance sub-systems.
A1, A5,A5s, A6,A6a,A6s
Fixtureless flying probe test systems are applied for small to medium series, prototypes or highly complex products. atg flying probe test systems are the solution, when other systems reach their limits.