Job Opportunity 
ECT is proud to make available excellent opportunities for highly motivated men and women who want to work on a winning team on a mission, and in an environment in which they are recognized and rewarded for their contribution to that mission.

Our customers represent a “Who’s Who” in the electronics, computer and telecommunications world. They demand innovative solutions to every one of their ATE needs, and they understandably have sky high expectations in terms of quality and on-time delivery.

We necessarily seek individuals who demonstrate a burning commitment to quality in all that they do, professionals who will take responsibility for complex and difficult projects and who will complete them without compromise.

AT ECT we constantly strive to produce the highest quality products and to deliver service that exceeds our customers’ expectations, all the while recognizing each employee as an individual and as an important member of a successful team.

We Pledge To

We have developed a fair, open and applicant-friendly employment process aimed at attracting, assessing and assimilating truly superior people. Throughout that process, we pledge to:

  • Follow every federal, state and local regulation impacting the pre-employment process
  • Treat every applicant with dignity and respect
  • Hold ourselves out as interviewees as well as interviewers
  • Conduct ourselves in an honest and transparent fashion at all times

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