Fixture & Services Group

The Everett Charles Technologies Test Fixture Group is the world's leading manufacturer and customizer of fixtures for testing loaded printed circuit boards. ECT was the first to provide a patented ESD protection process to our fixture products and many other fixture technologies that are now considered “industry standard” including Zero-Flex, Guided Probe, Receptacle Alignment plates, and Board Stress Analysis.

In 1999, ECT acquired TTI Testron, a manufacturer of test fixtures and interconnect devices for ATE. TTI's worldwide presence expanded ECT's global service and support capabilities; as well as added product offerings for Functional and Value Grid test.

In 2005, ECT acquired APG Test Consultants, an ICT programming and fixture company in Colorado and now offer total turnkey solutions for in-circuit test including in-circuit test program development, debug, and installation.

Technology Innovation Continues

As circuit boards become more densely populated and designs become more complex, test facilities are under increasing pressure to develop test systems, processes and fixtures which keep production ahead of schedule. ECT developed our Smart File processing to create a virtual PCBA and automate the fixture design process for improved accuracy and reliability. Now it is possible to simplify the inherent fixturing complexities associated with the ever-increasing number of test points and specialty board designs. Test engineers who specify products from ECT's Test Fixture Group are realizing unprecedented improvements in fixture accuracy.

Global Footprint

ECT can develop, design, deliver and support our test programs and fixtures anywhere in the world with manufacturing sites and service centers in North America, Europe, and Asia. No other fixture company can directly provide ICT and Functional test solutions that are designed in one country and manufactured, deployed, and serviced in another country.